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Adisak Phiansa : DJ TANN Narcissus Resident since 2005

 Fortunately, things have been looking up in the past two , three years or so. The mostly self tutored top Djs in Thailand these days take their art very seriously and strive to educate both clubs and increasingly eager audiences about the streamy atmosphere a good vinyl spinner is able to create. Thailand's DJ culture is just taking its first infant steps into an exiting new world and one of a few top players that is nurturing the scene with enthusiasm and zest is" DJ Tann" born and raised in Thailand, Tann's incursion into the DJing world brgan way back in the early 90's inspired by world renowed DJ figureheads the likes of John Digweed ,Carl Cox, Paul van Dyk and Tiesto to name a few he became captivated by what a person could do with the decks and mixes. And started experimenting with a fusion of house, progressive and trance. Cutting his teeth at various bars and clubs throughout the city , he began developing his own skills and techniques and before long , established himself as one of Bangkok's upcoming DJ talents. in 2001 , Tann took the next logical step and turned his attention to finding a club that would provide him with opportunity to expand his career ,The search led him to his current place of residency , Lucile and move proved to be the turning point in his career , as it provided him not only with the foundation to establish himself but the opportunity to perform alongside one of his idols , Japanese techno icon Ken Ishii in 2003 , encouraged by his friends and peers , Tann accepted an invitation to compete in the Heineken search for the best DJ in Thailand and won the award for the most popular DJ , soon offers began pouring in and Tann was soon performing at clubs all across Thailand. The following year backed by popular demand , Tann returned to the competition and this time around , emerged as the winner " Heineken DJ spin 2003 " . Earning him the title of the top DJ in Thailand. Today , after more than 10 years of experience in the music business and a long list of credentials to his name , Tann is not only one of the most respected and sought after DJ's in Thailand but also one of the most loved. His simple nature and down to earth personality has won him admiration from everyone that knows him and his continous passion to nature has led him to the path of being an instructor as well. Through the years of experience , not only has Tann's passion for the music increased , but also his thrive for wanting more . His experience has provided him the foundation of confidence and knowledge essential for a greater challenge , to pursure for the career as an international DJ. Awards : winner Heineken dj spin 2003

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